About Avensic

Avensic works differently than many consulting companies. For us, the focus is on the customer and the desire to create added value. We differentiate ourselves through our in-depth expertise and through an evolutionary organizational system built on three pillars:

Self Management

Avensic has left hierarchical, bureaucratic structures behind and operates as a self-organized company. There are neither superiors nor a rigid organizational chart. Instead, decisions are made by employees who bring initiative, interest and expertise to the table. These decisions do not have to be made by consensus, but through the so-called "advice process". This defines that each person can make a decision, but is required to seek internal advice from his or her colleagues.

The cornerstone of this self-organization is a transparent corporate culture in which everyone has access to all company information at all times. For example, wages are transparent and salary increases are discussed among colleagues. This way of working requires a strong sense of responsibility and proactivity.


At Avensic, we create a trusting and safe working atmosphere in which employees feel comfortable. Only when a person contributes authentically with all their facets and idiosyncrasies can they develop quickly and reach their full potential.

Evolutionary Sense

We refrain from trying to foresee and control the future, instead we try to understand reality and develop accordingly. We have embedded processes in our organizational system that constantly change Avensic. There is no uninspiring vision or mission, but all employees are invited to constantly question and develop the meaning of the organization.


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