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Avensic Hiking day 2020

Updated: Apr 30

Last friday, 04. September 2020 the first Avensic Hiking day took place at the Glarner Alps. With great weather and no lack of motivation, the team started at their adventure at Berstation Mettmen. The hike started at a leisurely pace around Stausee Garichti. The last part around Freiberg Kärpf (the oldest wildlife preservation), was definitely more demanding.

The view at Stausee Garichti

The lunchbreak was well deserved as we sat down to eat at the Leglerhütte at 2273 meters above sealevel. The Panoramic view around 192 Berggipfel was a bit of compensation for the tiring journey.

View of the Leglerhütte and the panoramic view

The home stretch brought us adjacent to the Änisee where we marched our way back to Bergstation Mettmen, where we finally arrived after a long and satisfying 5 hour hike.

View towards Ängisee

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