Avaloq parameterization is our core competence. Our specialists offer on-site technical consulting in the various areas of the Avaloq Banking Suite.

AVALOQ front portal

The migration to AFP requires know-how in web technologies as well as in the Avaloq software. We support our clients in the implementation of AFP.

System integration

Combine advanced and modern fintech solutions with your core banking system. We connect systems and implement complete end-to-end integrations.


We work directly with your technical employees on projects and coach them in technical aspects of the implementation and customization of Avaloq.

meet the team


Aaron Goenen

Founder & Senior Avaloq Consultant

  • Core Banking Specialist

  • Multi-annual experience in the customization of Avaloq Core Platform (ACP) and Avaloq Front Platform (AFP).

  • ACP & AFP certified


Alexander Mack

Senior Avaloq Consultant

  • Legal Reporting und Interfacing Specialist

  • Working in the Avaloq area since 2015 in various business divisions

  • ACP certified


Thierry Thomann

Avaloq Consultant

  • Core Banking Specialist

  • 3 years experience in the customization of Avaloq Core Platform (ACP)

  • ACP certified


Sandro Altieri

Junior Avaloq Consultant

  • ACP certified


Steve Mason

Junior Avaloq Consultant

  • ACP certified




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Why Avensic


At Avensic, we share a corporate culture that unites us as a team. Not only through our values, but also through shared work insights, workshops and excursions.

Personal Development

We continuously share and expand our knowledge and build targeted expertise. We support you in your initial phase through personal mentoring/coaching.

Different Perspectives

At Avensic, we take on different roles depending on the situation. This gives you different perspectives and allows you to broaden your horizons.


All information concerning Avensic and its employees can be viewed internally at any time.


We maintain an open and collegial dialog among ourselves. We address problems directly and discuss possible solutions collectively.


As a self-organized company without hierarchies, we offer the opportunity to take on responsibility at an early stage.


We trust each other in the decisions we make for Avensic.

Our Values

How We Work

With our clients, we at Avensic are not just external specialists, but employees!

Every project presents us with new, but also already known challenges. Our mission is to approach each project with a holistic mindset. From  project requirements and business analysis to implementation and maintenance, we help our customers successfully execute projects from start to finish. The knowledge transfer between us and the customer is essential. The partnership should consist of openness and transparency.

We apply our long-standing Avaloq know-how in all phases of the project. This helps us to simultaneously take on different roles within a project and deliver optimal solutions for our customers. We strive for long-term partnerships with our customers in order to generate sustainable added value for you.



Avaloq Pilot project

As part of an Avaloq pilot implementation project in Austria, we were called in as experts for the migration of money market and FX transactions, as well as for the connection of a legal reporting solution, which required the implementation of the Avaloq Legal Reporting Standard Adapter.


Through a GAP analysis with business experts from the bank, Avaloq developers and experts from the legal reporting system, the requirements were created and corresponding solution concepts for adaptations and extensions to the adapter were developed.


An intensive test phase was necessary to bring the project to product maturity. The exchange of know-how and thus the development of banking expertise on our side and technical understanding on the customer's side were essential for the success of the project.

Integration Custodian Bank

For the connection of a leading roboadvisor in Switzerland to the custodian bank, we were used as experts for the MQ interface and the automation in Avaloq.

From customer opening, deposits and withdrawals to balancing, the project included the complete integration of the custodian bank. Thanks to the comprehensive automation, the exchange of information between the roboadvisor and the custodian bank no longer requires a manual process, which significantly improves the user experience.

In addition to the implementation of the MQ and the automation on the bank side, we also took over large parts of the solution design and the communication with the provider.

Balance Fees

The SNB's negative interest rates are causing more and more banks major problems and so they have to pass some of these on to customers. Since a pure account analysis with negative interest rates was not flexible and comprehensive enough, we were entrusted with the development of a new fee.

The goal was to take the customer's entire portfolio into consideration. In doing so, certain assets lead to an increase in the asset charge and some to an increase in the allowance. With the credit balance fee, a far more flexible solution for passing on the negative interest to wealthy customers was created.

Avensic AG took over the entire project here, from solution proposal and development to documentation and acceptance.

Streaming Platform

CRM System Integration and Kafka Setup

In the context of connecting a new CRM system to Avaloq, our customer decided to build a Kafka streaming platform based on the Openshift Container Platform.

As experts in Avaloq and systems integration, we were responsible for building this real-time interface, which is used for the rapid transfer of relevant data between the CRM system and Avaloq. This includes data of almost all Avaloq metatypes, including both object data and transactional data.

In order to identify relevant data changes, export them in real time and store them in the corresponding Kafka Topics, extensive adaptations in Avaloq were necessary.

In addition, we supported our customer significantly in setting up the required Kafka and Openshift components.

Project duration

Team Size

Applied Technologies

10 Months

12 Members

Avaloq Script


Project duration

Team Size

Applied Technologies

8 Months

6 Members

Message Queue (MQ)

Avaloq Script


Project duration

Team Size

Applied Technologies

6 Months

2 Members

Cost pillars

Avaloq Script

Rule Engine


Project duration

Team Size

Applied Technologies

18 Months

14 Members

AMI (Avaloq Messaging Interface)

Doc logger

Apache Kafka


Openshift Container Platform



"We met Aaron Goenen in our upgrade project as a competent Avaloq specialist. We appreciated his sound knowledge and it was a pleasure to work with him. Aaron was definitely a valuable addition to our project." (translated)

Oliver klein

Group Leader AM Shared Services, Basler Kantonalbank